Sixty minutes with a sassy 73-year-old.

Beth Urech Performs ActYourAge!

Up to date with ActYourAge!

    On behalf of the residents of Lake Howard Heights, I want you to know how much our residents enjoyed ActYourAge! on Saturday. I saw residents laughing who usually do not even smile during the day. You had them laughing and realizing that they are not the only ones with aches and pains. You showed them just to laugh not only at themselves but with others. Feeling sorry for themselves is not an option; they are all in this together.

    It’s Monday, and they are still talking about your show. That is always a good sign. I hope that when you are in this area again, you will give us a call.  We would love to have you back. 



Residents of Lake Howard Heights 

and Lou Mulliniks

 Director of Resident Programs 

 Lake Howard Heights
 650 N. Lake Howard Drive
 Winter Haven, FL 33881


Beth in Aspen, February 2014

Beth in Aspen

Beth at Chicagourmets's Dinner Theatre, August 2013