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Praise for ActYourAge!

On April 20th in Kennedy Lounge at NMHU, Beth Urech, performed her delightful one woman show, ActYourAge!, as a benefit for the Samaritan House.  Beth’s show is an autobiography that moves back and forth in time, introducing the audience to the various roles she has played in life, including the frustrated housewife, the entrepreneurial business woman, the enthusiastic sixteen year old who wants to appear older, the young bride-to-be who lets a traffic light decide her future, the smitten woman who acts impulsively, and the on-line dating site participant whose first responder is her concerned son. Though Beth is alone on a nearly empty stage and simply costumed in a black pantsuit, she convincingly transforms into each persona, making us see the scenes and people she describes: Beth in her first long, strapless dress; Beth’s mother watching as a hearse drives her husband’s body away; the stiff, serious husband who holds Beth back from jumping up on stage at the end of “Hair”; and Beth and her new love clinging to the boat and each other during a storm. Through all of these transformations she is accompanied by “Tillie,” the often critical voice in her head, telling her to “act her age.”  It is to Beth’s credit that she does act her age – all of them, and with each she offers us the lessons she has learned about relationships, resilience, and resisting that tough inner critic.  Funny and moving, ActYourAge! offers 70 years of wisdom in under an hour.  Dr. Donna Woodford-Gormley, Professor of English, Chair, Dept of English and Philosophy New Mexico Highlands University.

"Beth's dynamic performance for the Lutheran Social Services of Illinois was enjoyed by everyone, especially me!"  Pam Austin, Director of Communications

"Beth Urech is a dynamo! Amazingly, she seems to get younger as her show progresses!"  Neptune Ingwersen, LeNews Switzerland

"Poignant, rollicking, soul-searching, dynamic and spectacularly professional performance at UnitedSolo in NYC!"  Lucy Tagmyer

"Residents Lake Howard Heights who usually do not even smile were laughing out loud. We would love to have you back!"  
Lou Mulliniks, Winter Haven FL

"Beth is a warm and dynamic performer who invites you into her life with wisdom and ease. You will fall in love with the world as Beth sees it."  
         Andy Eninger, The Second City

"You touched our hearts and tickled our funny bones."  Peggy Newman, Palisades Village, Washington DC

"Thank you for leaving us with food for thought and the interest to move forward in our lives."  Lynn Golub-Rofrano, Georgetown Village, Washington DC 

"I love seeing the audience nod their heads in agreement as you motivate them to keep going and not give up on their dreams."  Judy Ringold, New Horizons, Narberth PA

"Your story is one for all ages, especially having the courage to be ourselves. You are a woman of courage." 
     Amanda Neely, Daystar Center, Chicago

"An inspiring, uplifting story of a yearning to get behind the helm of your own boat." Meghan Dietrich, Presbyterian Homes Westminster Place, Evanston IL

"As the program coordinator at Pitkin County Senior Services, I have never seen so many seniors pay attention for 55 minutes like they did for Beth!" Mary Barbour, Aspen CO 

"The talented and inspiring Beth Urech was a dream to watch as she held this New York audience in the palm of her hand." 
    Jane Ashe, Curator, Spectrum NYC

"Dare we act our age the way Beth does? What an inspiration!"  
Sharon Meyers, Chicagourmets

Francesca Peppiatt ‎(Chicago Theater Examiner)‎

Review from Cape Clear, Ireland

On Midsummer's night on the 1600 acre offshore Irish island of Cape Clear, upstairs in a little local pub,  Beth Urech and her brash alter-ego Tillie, "both" all the way from Chicago, wowed an international audience spanning 6 decades. Beth's one-act play, ActYourAge!, took the curious adventurers on a delightfully crafted, verbally astonishing and heartfelt trip covering her 72 years in autobiographic moments of gentle, hilarious, and sometimes movingly sad drama, her performance, graceful, adept, and full of intelligent, even enlightening, surprises. And perhaps most importantly she challenged her audience to wish on a certain chicken--to adventure into life's dreams should they have the audacity so to do. 

One basically laughter-rich, utterly honest, visually and mentally memorable evening, for which we all just might--thanks to Beth's imaginative acting and sharp honest insight on her life--be the wiser.

Chuck and Nell Kruger, writers, artists, and storytellers


Reviews from Beaver Island

Delightful, dramatic, and thought-provoking theatre with recognizable characters for oh, so many of us. 
Ann Partridge, Events Director, Beaver Island Community Center

ActYourAge! inspires us to look within ourselves for hidden dreams and awakens the hope that we can live out our dreams in the days ahead. 
Jeff Powers, DVM

What a great job of capturing pertinent events in your life and communicating them so we could learn from your struggles.
Steve Finch, Headmaster, The Beaver Island Lighthouse School