Praise for Jeannette

"Relevant, succinct and hilarious! True Beth Urech style." Sandra Olajide

"Brilliant timing for this story and its wisdom. Your costume was fabulous." Linda C. Loving

“Beth Urech’s sparkling gem of a play about the trail-blazing American Congresswoman Jeannette Rankin calls forth the mesmerizing presence of a great hero of our democracy. Urech acts the part with great vigor in offering Rankin’s message of morality and equality.” Fred R. Kline

"I wish all history lessons had been as relevant and as enjoyable. If you'd come to my school when I was a kid, I'd have paid attention to history. There was no indication at the time that women had any role in anything." Meredith Britt

"Brava on your show. Excellent and informative." Dr. Andre Garcia-Nuthmann

"In Jeannette Rankin Fights Back, Beth Urech transports her audience into the world and mind of a woman who singlehandedly advanced voting rights in America. Urech’s commitment to this important character in American history is evident through her excellent script and powerful performance in which we experience Jeannette’s intensity, determination and grit." Ronald E. Maltais, DMA

"You became Jeannette as you enacted her on stage. Brilliant." Dr. Catherine Stauber

"Thank you for continuing your cousin's work!" Michael Melendez

"An amazing window into the life of a woman we should know more about." Dale Gorratt

"You must do this show again and again. I loved it. You're brilliant."Sally Krauer