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If you and your organization want to be inspired to follow in the footsteps of a lifelong activist, feminist and pacifist, "Jeannette Rankin FIghts Back" is the 50-minute performance for you. The 1st woman elected to US Congress, Jeannette voted against entry into both world wars and led The Jeannette Rankin Brigade to protest the Vietnam War. She is portrayed with vigor and eloquence by Beth Rankin Urech, who just happens to be her cousin.

If your audience wants to laugh and be buoyed up to live with gusto, "ActYourAge!" is perfect. At 55 minutes, it's suitable for all ages. Beth has performed to sold-out audiences more than 30 times. 

Contact Beth at 505/429-6393 or

Her artist's fee? Beth believes audiences should pay admission; however, she will happily donate her fee (minus travel expenses) to support a worthy cause.